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Having flooded by many thoughts at times and being a failure to pen them down, the SAks do not want to miss any of the good thoughts faded out along with time. We have so many thoughts to articulate. It could be regarding a favourite dialogue, lyric, song, music, musician, story, photograph, person, inspiration, situation and so on. As we are not commercial, this space is not open for the viewers to post their blogs but we are open to interact with rest of the world by exchanging the views on the blogs we post.


It’s very rare that we could hear such new sounds from Harris. This song is one among them. Not quite often that he refreshes his orchestra. He did it this time, experimented with new soundings, combinations and composing. On the whole this song stands out in the album and became my darling number. I loved the lyrical lag between the…

8 Piece Pizza

8 PIECE PIZZA - Celebrating 1,00,000 hits.No hilarious fun but still some smiles.No warm love story but yet some presentable content.No familiar faces but yet gripping screen presence.No big modes of publicity but just by pals.No established technicians but still executed well.No subscribers but yet secured decent viewership. Viral message on social media, yet interesting to watch

Seriously guyz…We were…

Mr. Human

This is how the script for mr.HUMAN originated and took off on paper. Would you believe “Muntha Masala” is the origin of this script? Yes!! Muntha Masala (called “Bhel” in the north India) is my most favorite road side dish. Trust me, it’s mouth-watering even while I pen this article. The Tapri fellow wrapped it in a piece of telugu…

Mr.HUMAN Lyrics

mr.HUMAN Lyrics. Sunday Sailor
Lor Lor Lor I’m the Sunday sailor Gonna fly higher Kill the slow pacer Do you wanna join me!! Do you wanna join me!!
Lor Lor Lor I’m the Sunday sailor On the road steamer Grey bully wheeler Reach me if you can!! Reach me if you can!!! Do you wonder if I touch…

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