• Posted On : March 21, 2017
    11:38 am

Chandrasekhar Yeleti – one of the good story tellers. He makes himself distinguishing from the rest by the selection of stories. He showed maturity by selecting this story line. He tried portraying the life of 4 middle class people and their emotions. Most of the time, you will see not story but life, not actors but characters. Also, he should be appreciated for choosing such a heart touching concept rather a formula based one.

Firstly he achieved success 50% by choosing the cast like Mohan Lal and Gowthami. Most of the Web media are praising Mohan Lal, but I don’t see anything special about him as this kind of roles are like just cake walk for him. Gowthami deserves a special mention here. A drastic change over from 1st innings glamour roles to a realistic role in her 2nd innings. I could never imagine if she could perform as better as she did in this movie. She just lived in the role with her flawless simple expressions and successful in generating the right magnitude of expressions. The establishment and execution of entire sequence right from the beginning where Gowthami defines the real happiness is awesome Plot around Mr.SaiRam’s character makes the magic and I’m sure that you travel along with the character and you start wishing nothing should go wrong with the ones involved in that sequence. It’s just possible by the way Mohan Lal carried the role and the situation created by the story teller.

It falls short how great ever I talk about the performance of the two kids. It’s too difficult to extract such natural, pure and genuine expressions from artists belonging to that age groups. This shows how specific Mr.Yeleti was about that roles.

There are other key roles helping the plot elevate the required feel in the form of Gollapudi, Tarak & Dass. Mr.Yeleti showed the director’s touch by inserting them in the storyline at right point of time and ensuring to travel along with the story made the audience not to feel like passing clouds about them.

BGM is good especially in the scenes of Gowthami’s delighting expression for small achievements. Even the camera work complemented, that generated many laughs among the audience. This made audience find their identity on the screen.

Interconnections of Mohan Lal’s daughter with Harsha, Mohan Lal with missing kid and Viswanth discovering his laptop bag in Hussain Sagar means a lot. This leaves many loops open, untold and meaningful. This proves how complicated storyline is this and we are not falling short of writers but lagging of guts to get them on screen.

There are other weak sections of the movie which I don’t want to discuss as those are over shaded by the many positives listed above.

It’s high time to encourage such writings.

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