• Posted On : March 24, 2017
    7:52 am

This is how the script for mr.HUMAN originated and took off on paper. Would you believe “Muntha Masala” is the origin of this script? Yes!! Muntha Masala (called “Bhel” in the north India) is my most favorite road side dish. Trust me, it’s mouth-watering even while I pen this article. The Tapri fellow wrapped it in a piece of telugu newspaper and offered me. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of that and the wrapper is emptied finally. While I was about to throw away the paper, I saw a 4-liner short article which grabbed my attention (Yes, usually I’m afraid of Volumes. I can read only short stories). I read that article and found interesting. That weekend, we were on our way to Prasad Labs for a preview while my lil-Bro Suman Akunuri was on the steering. My mind was revolving around the story to present it better and better. Message was good but the story telling was plain and no emotions. Heavy traffic..Brrrrrrrrr….peeeep…peeeep…red n green signals and more. I could see everything but could not sense. I was in a pseudo-conscious state. I just wanted it to portray though better characterizations and narration. Then, the title “mr.HUMAN” sparked on my mind. My eyes are open, but still I felt as if I just woke up. I turned my head to right. Suman Aunuri shifted the gear and the car moved from the traffic signal. I lifted my eyes and looked at his face. An Imagination how his attire would be as “Mr.HUMAN”. A 2 MM smile on my lips. He asked me “What happened?”. My blank expression was the answer. I took 2 more minutes to think of the 2 of interesting conversation threads which are not part of the original story. We reached the destination, about to off-board. I asked him to wait and gave the narration in 5 minutes. He just got amazed and so you would be when you see it on screen. I started scripting when we went back home and took partially 2 weeks to complete.

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