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  • Posted On : April 2, 2017
    5:53 pm

A Deep night, camera rolling over the foggy lake towards a wooden house. Stopped at feets distance. Dichkaao dichkaao…revolver triggered…The protagonist falls into the lake out of the broken wooden house caused by the force fired at him… He reaches the bank by a painful swim and his voice over starts..My name is Anbu, Anbuselvan IPS. Maya maya…- Cut -Breaks into Uyirin
WOW..isn’t it fantastic.
I know what you are thinking. Yes, this is how "KAAKHA KAAKHA" (2003, Tamil) movie takes off… What a Crash take- off? You should continue to read the rest of the article to know why I mentioned the above.
Gowtham V Menon, known for his own style of storytelling and screen narration.
Let’s talk about SSS now.
He re-created that magic with 10 times better impact compared to his earlier one in 2003.
A golden flake, getting heated slowly despite in cool breeze. Suddenly, it turns red hot. By the time you knew that, it’s already quenched in a fine ice bucket at -100 degrees temperature. Doesn’t it look irrelevant?... Suond awkward?... ruthless and insane?
Gowtham takes an extreme cinematic liberty, executes comfortably and succeeds with flying colors.
Yes, I can’t resist myself starting this review without mentioning about the placement of the top chartbuster song over 8 – 9 months, “Vellipomake” in the visual. It’s totally a ruthless, meaningless and insane placement as it comes in an unexpected situation. When I noticed the commencement of the song, my expression was like…”Aah!! what the hell is this man….” -but it did not take much time to withdraw that feeling. Slowly it turned into a surprise, grown to a wonder, ended up to be a BIG WOW. Yes, this is certainly one of the biggest wow factors of the movie. Gowtham is the master of his own screenplay, that involves such violent & drastic change of moods in the screenplay, together in one pipe and juxtaposing the contrasting situation with an imagination... I must say, this is the height. This is certainly a path breaking experiment and stands in list of the top rated and unique moments.
When the audio becomes the biggest chartbuster (especially in case of the song “Vellipomake”), it’s highly difficult to satisfy the viewers as some of them would have their own imagination while some would be waiting with high expectations. Gowtham needs a special mention here. He executed the song on screen so well that it goes beyond the expectations and the haunting background musuc at time keeps you to continue in the same mood throughout.
Above all, this is a typical Gowtham’s movie with lot of detailing in expressions & emotions. Many reviews say that this movie is all about romantic first half and violent second half. But, it’s absolutely not. The movie should be watched how the protagonist’s attitude is established and the dynamic change over when he had to face an unavoidable situation and the way takes the responsibility of his love interest.
Most of us run into such situations involving physical or emotional violence. Sometimes we run away but we chose to face very few times. There could be several factors deciding whether you should stand or run away. But it’s for sure that one’s maturity to handle a situation gets improved once he or she starts facing the situations rather running away. Despite success or failure, what matters is your stance to face it. I personally identified myself well with the flick because as I feel myself as Hero of my life irrespective of success or failure.
Some dialogues as part of the Protagonist’s soliloquy and his conversation with his girl in the second half are silent but terrific. That establishes the core theme of the movie and depicts the director’s experience in analyzing the human nature
Gowtham is highly successful in establishing that thought on screen with the help of heart touching romance & a never ending chase, supported by soothing music, scene enhancing background score, beautiful photography and of course gripping screen play.
No doubt that Gowtham has appetite to present everything natural. It’s as evident as in romantic and action sequences. Cinematography is on top notch that, the footage would be a puzzle for the editor. But the editor solved the puzzle efficiently and complemented the visuals by keeping the right content in the right order
It’s a must watch for the following reasons.
Are you in love? – You should watch this along with your love interest
Were you in love? – Yet you should watch to recall those moments
Do you like nice visuals & locales? – Lot to catch in this flick
Are you die-hard fan of Rahman? – You will find a reason to continue the same for rest of your life
Are you a Filmy technical freak? – Trust me; this is a technical wonder and a Library for me
Do you like Out of the box thinking? – Wait till the “Vellipomake” song comes
Are you running away from Incidents? – A must watch to revisit your attitude
Do you dare to face any consequence? – There is another ‘YOU’ whom you can catch up with
Are you waiting to make a love proposal? – You will find an answer for sure
And many more…

It falls shorter, how higher even I mention about AR Rahman. I can simply say “No AR Rahman? No soul” for this movie. If I start writing about his work for this movie, it goes beyond 10 pages. I wanna stop here as I plan to write separate blogs about his music especially for this movie. Stay tuned.

Bottom line: We are going to watch 5th time. Are you joining us??

  • It falls shorter, how higher even I mention about AR Rahman. I can simply say “No AR Rahman? No soul” for this movie. If I start writing about his work for this movie, it goes beyond 10 pages

    • It falls shorter, how higher even I mention about AR Rahman. I can simply say “No AR Rahman? No soul” for this movie. If I start writing about his work for this movie, it goes beyond 10 pages

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