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Short Film –A powerful media to get connected with the rest of the world, that lets the world know about your existence, opens a forum to discuss your capabilities and sets a platform for oneself. Thousands of new short films arriving the social media every week. It’s really impressive that all the enthusiastic short film makers trying pull in various concepts with a thin line of separation. Many times we feel like old wine is served in new bottle or the same wine is being served even older bottles. Among all those, some short films stand out by the virtue of concept, story telling, presentation and many more aspects of film making. We feel it’s worth spending some minutes articulating our experience while watching such ones.


A man experiments with a sheet of paper, that can retract any action performed by one's hands if one writes the word 'backspace' on it, only without breaking the word.

Onti Ganta

Ontiganta, a short film revolving around the chance meeting of two strangers at an odd hour. One in the wait of someone and the other in the want of a lighter. Watch what happens when the conversation proceeds and the strangers get to know each other.


In a small sleepy town, trouble is brewing. Our ordinary looking hero Ramu aided by his faithful sidekick Galeez, fail in their masterplan to elope with Ramu's sweetheart Ramula ( for the third time).


Rajiv, wife Kavita, and Rajiv's father, live in an apartment. Rajiv works as an insurance agent, and travels a lot. Kavita represents a cosmetic company and works from home, as she cannot leave her paralytic father-in-law alone. Also, a habit that Kavita hates is the manner in which the old man summons her. He mulishly hangs on to a Teaspoon,which…

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